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We help Students to achieve by Our Contributions

Year Ending



June 2015

June 2014

June 2013

June 2012

June 2011

Sr. JV Biology Award

Top Graduate


Imani Hemmings

Michaela Salkey

Loya Haughton

G’Noy Hemmings

Justine Anderson

Sr.JV Science Scholarship Top Science Student studying the sciences at UTech or UWI


Loveena Steadman

G’Noy Hemmings

Kimberly Harrow

Nicole Chin

Herona Thompson

Lisa Narcisse Music Award
    Top Music Student   


 Jheanelle Owens and  Dayna Palmer

 Jheanelle Owens

 Jheanelle Owens

 Monique McIntosh

 Consonya Smith

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